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Dieter V. Weng, Chairman

The principal aim of FEDMA is to promote and protect the European direct and interactive marketing industry by creating greater acceptance and usage of, and confidence in direct and interactive marketing by European consumers and business communities. This publication is part of that objective.

Moreover, FEDMA fights for the freedom of communication by encouraging European institutions to ensure a healthy commercial and legislative environment within which the industry may profitably operate and develop.

FEDMA represents most of the European Direct Marketing Associations and companies with multinational business. Nearly a hundred members put their trust in us and develop with our help the dialogue marketing business in Europe.

We appreciate your support and help to reach the main objectives of FEDMA. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about FEDMA, its mission, or if you would like to join the FEDMA community.

Your FEDMA Team

How can you improve your marketing results thanks to Big Data?

FEDMA – the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing is proud to announce our Big Data Summit, a unique Marketing Connection Committee, in Brussels on the 22-23 April.

Make sure you unleash the full potential of Big Data!

Experts will share concrete examples and cases to highlight their sources, access and usage of Big Data in two consecutive sessions. Werner Neunzig, Managing Director at Reader’s Digest, will share his views on how Big Data can improve your Direct Marketing. Nick Sohnemann, Founding and Managing Director at Future Candy will share his expertise on how companies can utilize smart digital services to improve their communication impact. Walter Trezek, Austrian DMA, will highlight e-identities and how they can establish reputation.

Meet the Direct Mail experts in a dedicated workshop to understand the new value of DMail!

Refresh your Direct Mail know-how to understand the new value of Direct Mail, new bridging technologies or how to sell Direct Mail to your clients. Bpost has initiated an innovative research into buying behaviour to understand the impact of touchpoints on consumer’s decision. With Pascal de Greef, Head of Business Development Mail at Bpost, we will address touchpoints and on the complementarities between off line and digital channels. Thomas Haas, EMEA Precision Marketing Principal Ricoh, will present Ricoh's role in direct marketing, the role of print in today's media mix, how to create an omni-channel experience by using Big Data and smart technology.

For more information and registrations contact gproust(at)fedma.org.